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Zektron™ Automatic Voltage Regulators comes in single phase and 3-phase, its a distortion-free, automatic voltage controller that gives perfectly stable output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage. It increases life of your equipment, with reduced heating. In most industries, a minor fluctuation in voltage can cause the equipment to malfunction or break down.
Zektron Automatic Voltage Regulator provides the regulated voltage which improves the performance & efficiency of the Machines.

  • Servo Motor Controlled Technology
  • Fast Response for Fluctuations
  • Reliable Stabilization for Secure Energy
  • High efficiency in each model
  • Short circuit protection
  • Ability to work with non-linear loads
  • Manual Bypass Switch
  • Wide input voltage range version ( optional )
  • Electro-mechanic (breaker module) high-low voltage protection (optional )
  • Output Isolation Transformer ( optional )
  • Digital Display option available
  • Higher IP applications are available
  • Phase Independent Voltage Regulation for Three Phase Models
  • Air Conditioning
  • Medical Equipment
  • Information Technology
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Printing & Packaging Industries
  • Commercial Building & Complexes
  • All Electrical / Electronic Equipment
  • Data Processing Equipment (Computers)
  • Communication & Broadcasting Equipment
  • Process Control Equipment (NC/CNC Machine)
  • Chemical Plants, Cement Plants & Textile Units
  • Heavy Engineering Industries (Railway, Defence etc.)

Automatic Voltage Regulators

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