Zektron Ultra Series (3kVA-100kVA) Features

Zektron Ultra Series are single phase and 3-phase Servo automatic Voltage regulators that comes with a wide input voltage of upto 80V-280V and a constant output of 220 volts, thus providing a stabilizer voltage supply and protecting all electrical appliances in your premises, both your home and offices, this includes Electronics, Fridge, and freezer, Smart TV, home theater, Air Condition, Satellite Decoder, washing machine, fans, etc.

  • Wide power and voltage interval
  • Fast Regulation and capable for industrial loads
  • High reliability thanks to Microprocessor and Smart Driver
  • High efficiency
  • Safe and economic usage
  • Overload and Overvoltage protection
  • Digitally displayed status, input & output measurements

Automatic Voltage Regulators

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