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Why you should choose Solar inverters from us

Inexhaustible and free energy source
The sun represents an inexhaustible source of energy for humans. Above that, the energy is available free of charge.

Price stability
Even if the energy prices are rising the photovoltaic plant produces electricity without rising costs.

Low operating costs
PV systems are largely maintenance-free.

Carbondioxide free power generation
The generation of clean electricity contributes significantly to CO2 reduction.

No noise, no emissions
The PV system generates no noise or other emissions.

Project management from one source
We support you from start to finish on a successful project: From the selection of suitable sites to the turnkey construction of the plant as well as the technical and commercial management, Zagus Power has everything from a single source.

Return for the investor
Investors gain high returns. In particular because of the following priorities:
Priority 1: Own consumption of inexpensive solar power
Priority 2: Solar power is better stored for the evening hours or emergency times
Priority 3: Feed surplus and refer to remuneration

Ecologically reasonable
Solar energy enables independence from electricity networks and fossil fuels. It is the ideal source for the power supply: private, decentralized, ecologically and just as well as available anywhere in the world.
• The sun will give us more than 4 billion years of free energy.
• The sun radiates daily over 3,000 times more energy to the earth’s surface than mankind needs.
• Unlike fossil fuels, the sun does not produce CO2.
• Solar power can be generated decentralized everywhere.
• With a solar power system, you can be independent of the constantly rising energy costs. Due to their mechanical load-bearing capacity, solar systems are easy to use and require little maintenance.
• Solar power is consumed where it is generated. No energy losses occur due to long transport distances, resulting in less costs for electricity generation.
• Sun makes itself independent – from large conglomerates and authoritarian regimes.
• Energy from the sun is safe for people and the environment.
• Solar energy is the energy of the future.

Solar Solutions

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