Zektron SRV33 series (3kVA-3000kVA) Features

Zektron Srv33 is Three-Phase servo driven technology, microprocessor controlled heavy duty voltage regulator which regulate mains input voltage for critical loads. The application include Air Conditioning, Medical Equipment, Information Technology, Food Processing Industry, Printing & Packaging Industries, Commercial Building & Complexes, All Electrical / Electronic Equipment, Data Processing Equipment (Computers), Communication & Broadcasting Equipment, Process Control Equipment (NC/CNC Machine), Chemical Plants, Cement Plants & Textile Units, Heavy Engineering Industries (Railway, Defence etc.)

  • Individual Phase Control and Regulation
  • 3 phase in / 3 phase out
  • Sensitive and fast TRUE RMS reading module
  • In 20 mili-second reading
  • Fast regulation module
  • Improvable output regulation structure
  • Reading power parameters
  • Modular card structure
  • Maintenance-free structure
  • Ability to work under whatever with cos μ load
  • Ability to discriminate
  • Non-Linear load and short circuit
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  • Reaction time: <0.2 ms
  • Reoperating from short circuit
  • Non-linear charges drive
  • 3 phase input 3 phase output
  • Wide power and voltage interval
  • Fast Regulation
  • High reliability thanks to Microprocessor and Smart Driver
  • High efficiency
  • Load transfer to Bypass via pole charge switch
  • Safe and economic usage
  • Overload protection
  • Digitally displayed status, input & output measurements
  • 2 years warranty
  • 10 years spare parts support

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