Undoubtedly Automatic Voltage Regulator is a “Must-Have” in this high-tech world, Zektron is made in Turkey AVR thats feeds steady voltage to critical electrical appliances and machines to give them protection from power fluctuations .

A minor fluctuation in power can lead to malfunction or break down of electronic appliances or machinery. To prevent this, a reliable and rugged yet smart AVR have been invented. Zektron is a cutting-edge distortion-free, automatic voltage regulator that gives perfectly stable power output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage.

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Zektron™ SoHo Servo AVR is a single phase Full Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizers (5– 30 kVA) designed specially for Small Offices & Home applications including Computers, Servers, photocopiers, Smart TVs, Fridges, Freezers, Air-conditioners, Hospital equipment, DVDs, etc.

Features :

• Zektron SO-HO series are single phase Servo voltage stabilizers 5kVA-30kVA

• Non-linear charges drive

• Fast regulation

• Toroidal transformer design

• Load transfer to bypass via pole charge switch

• High efficiency

• Safe and economic usage

• Overcurrent and overload protection

• Digitally displayed status, input & output measurements

• 2 years warranty

• 10 years spare parts support